Solo Show with Saint Cloche Gallery at Sydney Contemporary, Sydney


When a present becomes a past,
a moment becomes a memory.


A fleeting encounter,
so electric it sparks imagination.


Feelings flow,
like seasons come and go.


Once a fantasy,
forever in heart.


In Fantasia, Evi O paints stirring slices of life, some experienced, some observed. Of people encountered, places visited, and episodes sensed. The topics are a melodic recurrence of high-strung joy and soft laments. One’s familiar hopes and vibrant dreams.


Tales are conveyed through compositions of abstract shapes, using colours to amplify energy. Characters are symbolised through recurring abstract forms of animals, objects and nature. Each artwork titled with hints of real-world emotions. The paintings are connected through a poignant time of the artist’s life, but each with its own delightful romance.

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